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Lada Vitamin C Scrub & Mask

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LADA AURA BODY MASK VITAMIN C Vitamin C helps to remove plaque Purely Full of AHA AHAs and Vitamin C from various fruits to help skin look radiant and smooth soft and moist use it to see the effect of safety not burn not bite not bite skin after rinsing white Clear level And soft Features Mark Whitening Vitamin C LADA Whitening Reduce dark spots Rejuvenates the dry skin The elbow on the side of the knee on the highlight To remove the skin cells The skin is white How to use Mark White C vitamin LADA 1 Mask while leaving dry skin 30 minutes 1 hours 2 Take the spa salt scrub 5 minutes and rinse with soap Or shower cream 3 Apply a regular cream x3 Lada Aura Body Mask Vitamin C Avocado Extrac White skin Reduce dark spots LADA SCRUB VITAMIN C Dust Whitening Vitamin C helps keep skin soft and smooth Reduce dark spots and scars Helps neutralize free radicals Ingredients of vitamin C Avocado Extract Helps relieve collagen skin Skin aging Reduces dark spots and scars Helps neutralize free radicals Helps soften the skin And skin rejuvenation Virgin Olive Oil helps to soften the skin Reduces skin irritation Moisture And help fight free radicals Vitamin B3 Enhances the formation of collagen Inhibits the formation of melanin The skin is darker And help fight free radicals Hydrolyzed Milk Protein Helps retain water in the skin Elasticity Soft and gentle Smooth Prevents wrinkles How to use vitamin C Whitening Whitening Tear down the palm to scrub while wet Leave for 3 minutes and rinse with clean water